Christopher Hamburger

(Artist - Sculptor/ Prop/Mold Maker)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Christopher Hamburger


Recently picked up by Composite Effects as shop moldmaker, Chris has always had a fascination with the wierd and wacky. Inspired by the, now cancelled, Movie Magic series, he started his path of becoming a propmaker by taking apart his parents tv remotes and toasters (along with anything he could grab) and making satellite dishes and devices to contact aliens or weapons to destroy them. Since childhood he has surrounded himself with friends who hung onto branches of the same art tree and has further developed his talents by working on short films along with designing fantastical worlds and creature designs for them. Recently adopting the alias burgerstrings, he has gone on to work with up and coming short film-maker Olan Rogers/New Prime as propmaker and is continually pursuing his goal of being better than he was last week.

Look for Burgerstrings on face book to view his works.