Chad Bednar

(Author - The Left Hand Of God)

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Chad Bednar


A vampire that works for the Vatican...

Marcus Victor Amfortas is a vampire with a problem. After an innocent girl sacrificed herself for him, he cannot give in to his thirst. He can no longer bring himself to feed on humans. Secluding himself was not enough - he has an overwhelming need to make amends for his existence and the evil he has done.

The Vatican has a problem. It must protect the innocent from hundreds of tainted artifacts in its possession. These relics are each corrupted by evil and the acts of mankind. As a result, they are craved by the living horrors that must possess them. Worse still, the artifacts themselves offer seductions to the most pious of holy men.

An uneasy alliance was formed: Keep the artifacts sequestered, and the Vatican will give Marcus absolution upon his death.

Now, a hundred years later, a cynical and sarcastic Marcus keeps his vow sacred. He is fighting to keep his most vile artifact from a powerful wizard, fighting to keep his life from a vengeful demon, and fighting for his only chance at redemption through this new, politically conscious church.

Debut author Chad Bednar has crafted a sublime supernatural thriller-- a clash of underworld and overworld, of the sacred and the profane, fought out on our earthly battlefield by richly drawn characters amid superb action."

-Earl Merkel, author of; Virgins and Martyrs, Dirty Fire, Final Epidemic, etc.

The Left Hand Of God is the first in the Keeper Of The Sins series. This book serves up; humor, zombies, magic, car chases, wizards, the mysteries of the church, and a bad guy you cant help but root for. But at its heart, it's about a man who has been through hell and is searching for his faith.

If you like Jim Butcher, Dean Koontz, or Stephen King, youll love Keeper Of The Sins; The Left Hand Of God.