Ben Snakepit

(Artist - The Snakepit Book; My Life in a Jugular Vein; Snakepit 2007; Snakepit 2008; Snakepit 2009; Snakepit Gets Old)

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Ben Snakepit


Ben Snakepit has been drawing a daily diary comic for over thirteen years. He has published six books, The Snakepit Book (2004), My Life in a Jugular Vein (2007), Snakepit 2007, Snakepit 2008, Snakepit 2009 and Snakepit Gets Old (2013). He has also appeared in various compilation books, including Digestate (Birdcage Bottom Books), Mitch Clem's As You Were series, and Side A (Poseur Ink). Additionally, he has been drawing a regular comic in Razorcake Magazine for over ten years.

As well as drawing comics, Ben is also a musician. He has played in such bands as J Church, Party Garbage, and The Sword, to name a few. He currently plays bass guitar in the Austin TX band Ghost Knife. Much of his comics' subject matter is drawn from his experiences playing in a punk rock band.

Ben attended Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy as a graphic arts major. He currently resides in Austin TX with his wife, Karen, and his dog, Peeber.