Allyn Jensrud

(Artist - Monkey Man Labs)

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Allyn Jensrud


Writer and co-creator of Ghost Strands, Allyn Jensrud is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Allyn met Erik Lervold while searching for local artists in the

Minneapolis area to help see his comic book concept come to life. Since then, they have been developing and producing the comic Ghost Strands since the summer of 2012.

In his off time, Allyn enjoys reading comic books (old and new), such as 100 Bullets, Preacher, and The Walking Dead, and playing video games, with titles like Grand Theft Auto, Border Lands 2, and Final Fantasy.

Since working on Ghost Strands, Allyn has also written the Lil Bolt comic, for Rotten Apple Comics.