Adam Michaels


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Adam Michaels started out his career in Las Vegas where he was singing and playing guitar for band Searchlight which was previously heard on the film and soundtrack of Resident Evil: Extinction. Playing shows with bands such as KISS, Goo Goo Dolls, Fly Leaf, Gavin Rossdale and more, Adam soon started to become well known for his style on pop culture with his art company Adam's Artbox. From art dealing with original concepts to superheroes to video games to movies he began to develop a name for himself and sharing his love for nerdism. His work, done primarily in ink and watercolor, is described as dark yet hopeful. Eventually stumbled upon by Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin, Adam was soon doing multiple art lines for Aaron's company A. Goodwin Collections. In 2010 he moved to Chicago where began acting full time. Some of his stage credits include Roger in Paramount Theatre's RENT and star of Dee Snider's Rock and Roll Christmas Tale at the Chicago Broadway Playhouse. He and film maker Chaz Dray have also launched their production company "Play Dead Productions" in which the short films Play Dead With Me and Morbius: The Living Vampire was released. Adam's artwork is now sold worldwide and hangs in nerd lairs, businesses, galleries and owned by celebrities such as Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Kane Hodder and Norman Reedus. He is currently working on more art lines, novels, films, and performing with his band Cowboy Jukebox. You can check Adam's work out any time at