To the Con, Robin!... Adam West (Batman) & Burt Ward (Robin) Coming to Madison Comic Con!

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To the Con, Robin!... Adam West (Batman) & Burt Ward (Robin) Coming to Madison Comic Con!


Holy marathon! Im getting a stitch, Batman!

To the Con, Robin!... Adam West (Batman) & Burt Ward (Robin) @ Wizard World Comic Con!!

It will be like a trip to the Batcave for Batman fans as Burt Ward, who played Robin in the original television series, joins Adam West (Batman) as Wizard World guests from the popular program, which ran from 1966-68 and has lived on for decades in syndication.

Though an avid comic fan growing up, Ward had somehow never read an issue of Batman when he first auditioned for the role of Robin. Quickly impressing the producers, Ward was cast as Robin alongside Adam West's Batman for an unforgettable three season run that lasted 120 episodes.

The legacy of Batman has stayed with Ward throughout his career. He has reunited with West numerous times to reprise his role as Robin, and has also written an autobiography about his Batman experiences called Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights, signed copies of which will be available at Wizard World.

Outside of Batman, Ward has appeared in Moving Targets, Homeboys In Outer Space, Alien Force, The Dwelling, Smoothtalker And Kill Crazy.

In recent years, Ward has founded a charitable organization called Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions, Inc, which rescues giant breed dogs like Great Danes and some smaller breed dogs. He also runs Logical Figments, a special effects contractor that provides graphics and animation for commercials and occasional feature films including Bulletproof Monk.

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